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USA Clean Inc. reached out to Diginsy and gave them the assignment. The goal was to develop a mobile application that would be user-friendly for our client’s online store and give their customers the ability to access their products and services via an intelligent application. It would be a revolutionary idea for an online store to offer products and services they already acquire from various online vendors. A cross-platform mobile application was precisely what the customer requested because it will be offered to users of every gentry. a wide range of multiple platforms will engage with the mobile application. We had to produce the mobile application by a set deadline while keeping in mind the assignment criteria.

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The Challenge

Once Diginsy and USA Clean Inc. had agreed on the design and development ideas, and they had been approved, we began to study their wants and expectations. The experts of our development and design teams were assigned to the project. We asked them to tackle the job with exceptional inventiveness and time management because the deadline was really challenging. They initially allocated a team of three developers to the work but eventually expanded it by adding four additional people to finish it before the axe fell.

Our Solution

Our approach towards our client’s project was to ensure that we understood their needs carefully and to deliver within the time. They wanted to do a launching ceremony for their mobile application. The whole application data was stored in a cloud that remained synchronized with both vendors’ and shoppers’ mobile applications. A powerful search engine was added to our client’s mobile application as it saves time for its users to browse through many products and services, empowering them to select from more options. After the complete development and design of the application by Diginsy, it was sent to the team of USA Clean Inc. for final approval. So they could present a masterpiece to their audience at the launching ceremony.

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