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Diginsy was assigned the task of creating a fully optimized web application, keeping in mind the business structure of the client. To provide an application that works well with the payment methods and multiple account sign-ins. Since it will have to be an application that allows users to initiate and guide them to applying for their loans, the design has to be intuitive and appealing and specifically describe various steps in detail on how to get ready for getting a loan application submitted. They aimed to capture users’ attention and encourage them to continue signing up with UQUAL.

Mobile App That Makes Loan Process Easy.

The Challenge

When we started working on the project, we never knew some challenges were waiting for us down the road—creating an easy-to-use mobile application with specific use of getting loan-ready customers, saving different profiles, and compartmentalizing that information in real-time. This case was one of its kind since there were really low or no mobile solutions to this user problem in this fast-paced application industry. We have to thoroughly research about this to provide them with a solution to their application. We were actually creating an application from scratch that should be compatible with the policies and requirements for applying for the loan procedure. We also had to equip their application with creating specific profiles separately and provide users with their credentials so they can work on their profiles with the passage of time and don’t have to rush their applications at once.

Our Solution

Diginsy, as always, fulfils their client’s expectations. Our approach towards the UQUAL project got carefully derived from time-consuming research and the undivided efforts of our professional and expert team members. We had to coordinate with different departments and even go out of our way to get crucial information for the design and development of the application. When we were sure our project was ready to be delivered, we sent it to their production team. The UQUAL was inspired as we met our deadline and provided them with an absolute creation that fulfilled all their requirements.

Creativity Sum-up in A Mobile Application.