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Next trucking assigned us the task to create innovative and informative animated video for their brand. The main idea behind the video was to take their customer on a virtual journey explaining them the idea from start to finish. Where they were explaining their customers about their products and services and how beneficial it will be to do business with them. In addition, they needed a narration behind the video written by none less the professionals. They wanted the narration to be in a simpler vocabulary as they wanted to convey their message to the people thoroughly.

Amazing Video Animation That Conveys Brand
to People

The Challenge

Creating the animated video of Next Trucking was not without its challenges. As their business involved some of the complex policies regarding logistics that proved difficult to simplify and animate. We came up with different and unique strategies for animation of their video. While doing their video animation, our expert and professional animators had to spend some extra time finding the right design elements as the industry is mostly taking its first step in digitalization. They sometimes research for an element for more than one minute and sometimes ended up creating their own. Next Trucking needed the video in a very short span of time that was a unique challenge we faced during this project to match up with their timeline. As in a few days they were hosting an event where they needed to present the video as means of conveying their brand to their targeted audience.

Our Solution

Our animation team committed their time to creating the animation video for NEXT Trucking in accordance with their specifications when we took on this job. Firstly, we initiate a group discussion to discuss the video’s storyboard to come up with a concept that worked for them. Following approval, our animators got to work on the video, making sure to finish it within the deadline. Diginsy received kudos from NEXT trucking for their tiresome efforts.

An Appealing and Fully Functional Video