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Naxariis wanted our help in building a reliable and functional mobile application. They wanted the application to work by connecting different people around the globe with another form of charity. The real task was to make it user-friendly despite having complex functions. The overall application should be compatible with different and various platforms as people from every corner of the living world will be accessing this application and will be connecting and communicating. It should also be able to handle the heavy load of traffic without crashing.

Fully Optimized Mobile Application That Simplified Charity

The Challenge

At the start of the process, it seemed a really complex task to work on the Naxariis Mobile Application. We had to thoroughly discuss each step carefully since they were talking about shrinking the people of the globe into an application that needed a user-friendly interface. They wanted their users to experience simplicity with complexity which, when we say it sounds like the opposites. Building a mobile application from scratch with enhanced functionality and a simple user interface with an online and secure payment platform attached was definitely one of a kind. Adding payment options without going all fancy was not making the design appealing. Having frequent conversations with different departments of design, we were finally able to set up a road map and when with approval, we started creating the world’s finest mobile charity app.

Our Solution

With our professional and expert teams, we were able to create a development and design plan for their application. After a refined thought process and discussing the ideas thoroughly with Naxariis, we got their approval and finally initiated phase 2. For this case, our development and design departments were working simultaneously with real-time communication. We had to be careful that user-friendly design fit the complex development detail of their mobile application. We could go above and beyond the expectations of Naxariis and deliver the product within the assigned deadline.

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