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MyHealthTeam tasked us with producing an original and educational animation film for their company. The film’s primary goal was to take the viewer on an immersive and educational journey from beginning to end, explaining the benefits of their services in a way that was both engaging and easy to understand. Additionally, a professional narration that accompanied the video was required. They wanted to communicate their idea to the audience thoroughly; hence they wanted the narrator to use a more straightforward vocabulary.

Video Animation That Brings Businesses Into Spotlight

The Challenge

It wasn’t easy to create the animated video for MyHealthTeam. Because their business entailed a very diverse and massive pool of services, it was challenging to simplify and animate. We developed various original animation techniques for their video. Our skilled and experienced animators had to take additional time when creating their video animations because this unique step in the digitalization of the health sector would revolutionize it. Sometimes they spent longer than a minute looking for an element, and other times they made their own. The problem we experienced during this project was trying to match up with MyHealthTeam’s timeline because they wanted the movie in such a short time. As they were organizing an event in a few days, they needed to show the video to their intended audience in order to promote their business.

Our Solution

Our animation team spent time creating an animation video for MyHealthTeam, from the very beginning when we took over according to their specifications. First, we start a group discussion to discuss the video story to come up with a concept that works for them. After the client’s approval, our animators start working on the video and make sure to meet the deadline. MyHealthTeam commended Diginsy for their tireless efforts.

Pocket-Friendly Yet High-Quality Video