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Lamps Plus came to us looking for an upgrade for their business – an e-commerce website that would open the doors of the digital market for them. They want us to utilize the most current features and technology to create a site that would be easy to use and appeal to their customers. In other words, they want a cutting-edge website that will help them boost conversions and sales. We’re excited to start developing the Lamps Plus e-commerce website! We’ll be using all the information we gathered from them to create a site that’s easy to use and navigate.

E-commerce Development To Produce The Massive

Our Methodology

Our client wanted an eye-catching website that would make it easy for potential customers to browse and purchase their products. Plus, they desired an effective eCommerce website that would exhibit their products in the most favorable light possible. The primary challenge was to confirm that this could be done while ensuring that the website’s reloading time was kept to a minimum. Our team went the extra mile to make sure that not only would the website function well, but it would also be mobile-friendly with a quick load time.

Our Solution

For Lamps Plus, we dove deep to understand the company’s identity truly. It was important for us to capture the final project’s desired aesthetic to create something that would meet their needs and expectations. After the client approved the design, we passed the project to the eCommerce development team for development. The team completed the project within a week and met all functionalities and requirements that the client had asked for. We then sent the project over to Lamps Plus, who was very pleased with it.

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