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Having a problem, Hungry Howies contacted Diginsy. Despite using email marketing to spread their message, they weren’t getting the leads they were expecting. In order to receive conversions of users to their potential customers from their target market and audience, they needed a more efficient way to utilize email marketing to its full potential. They needed to take advantage of email marketing, which should be a pocket-friendly way to get to know potential customers. They required a strategy that would effectively reach potential customers while also boosting sales.

Pocket Friendly Email Marketing That Yields Higher Roi

The Challenge

The initial research was the biggest obstacle we had to overcome while working on our client’s email marketing campaign. We had to conduct in-depth research ourselves because Hungry Howies competes in a market with many major players. We encountered a number of difficulties throughout the research because it was challenging to engage the appropriate audience. Therefore, we had to exert all of our effort in order to connect with the target market’s audience. Additionally, our client’s previous email marketing agency handled the process poorly and mixed up everything in their previous email marketing campaign. Therefore, sorting the pertinent data was where we needed to start the process, and we could continue with our campaign later.

Our Solution

We came up with the solution after gathering the information that they provided us. Our plan was to increase their audience engagement through our personalized emails, which targeted a large pool of relevant audience for their product. At Diginsy, we specialize in customized email marketing plans that have proven to produce positive results for our clients, time and time again. Email personalization helped Hungry Howies build relationships with its subscribers and increase audience engagement rates. We know that by personalizing emails, we could create a deeper connection with our client’s subscribers and move them along the path from subscribers to purchasers. It was hard for us to meet the goals Hungry Howies set for their business, but after seeing the result, they were speechless as they were according to their expectations and more.

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