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AJ Shankar





Everlaw commissioned us to create an original, informative animated video for their business. The main objective of the video was to virtually take the audience through the concept from beginning to end. In the video, they discussed the benefits of working with their clients and the platform they employ for analyzing legal documents. For the video, they also needed professional narration. They desired a more straightforward vocabulary in the narration to fully convey their message to the audience.


The Challenge

In order to complete the task that Everlaw gave us, we had to overcome a number of obstacles. The primary challenge we encountered during this project was meeting our client’s deadline because they needed the video in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the secondary challenge was to deal with a complex idea for them to offer an online platform for the analysis of legal documents and do all the research from scratch to get more and more relevant animations that have to be simple yet informative.

Our Solution

Our animation team committed their time to creating the Everlaw animation video when we agreed to take on the project. Firstly, we start a group brainstorming session to develop a concept for the video. Our animators got to work on the video after getting approval, making sure to finish it by the deadline. Everlaw praised Diginsy’s tireless efforts. We created several creative, original concepts for the animation in their video. Our talented and seasoned animators had to spend more time than usual looking for the appropriate design components for their video animation.

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