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The Task

Dr.CBD came to Diginsy with a problem – they were facing using email marketing to communicate their message, but the promised leads weren’t appearing. They needed a more effective way to use email marketing to its full potential in order to receive conversions from their target audience. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to familiarize yourself with a potential customer, and they needed to take advantage of that. They were in need of direction which could not only increase their sales but also deliver their message to their potential customers.

Email Marketing Services – Which Develop Better Conversion Rate.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced while working for the email marketing campaign of Dr. CBD was the initial research. Since, CBD is a distinctive market that has very limited players in the industry, we had to conduct the primary research ourselves. Throughout the research we had to face several challenges as across social media the word CBD or cannabis is prohibited so we had connect with the audience in code words. Moreover, the previous email marketing campaign they had, managed the process poorly and had everything mixed up. So, to start the process we had to begin with sorting the essential data and move forward with our campaign later on.

Our Solution

We came up with the solution after gathering the information that they provided us. Our plan was to increase their audience engagement through our personalized emails which targeted specific people for their product. At Diginsy, we specialize in customized email marketing plans that have proven to produce positive results for our clients time and time again. Email personalization helped Dr. CBD build relationships with its subscribers and increase audience engagement rates. We know that by personalizing emails, they could create a deeper connection with their subscribers and move them along the path from subscribers to purchasers. It was hard for us to meet the goals which Dr.CBD set for their business but after seeing the result they were really speechless as they were according to their expectations and more.

Email Marketing Services – That Connect Brands
With Their Audience.