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The Task

Diginsy helped DozyCards with their email marketing campaign in order to increase the number of leads they were getting. DozyCards struggled to communicate its message to potential customers, but Diginsy’s help could expand its reach and get more people interested in their business. In order to increase conversions from their target audience, they needed a more effective way to use email marketing. They know that email marketing is a great way to introduce yourself and your products or services to potential customers.

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The Challenge

The biggest challenge while working for Dozzy Cards was the time constraint. The company needed us to provide quick results for the email services while maintaining our topmost quality. The management at Dozzy cards chose our services because the other company they had hired before was not able to provide the results they wanted for their business. Another key challenge we faced while working for Dozzy Cards was the lack of credible target audience. The previous email marketing firm they were working for didn’t spend their time researching for prospective target audience that could convert into customers. Due to this, we had to conduct the research ourselves which meant more time.

Our Solution

With our email marketing team, we develop the strategy to get a credible target audience for Doozy cards. Our team works tirelessly to provide the best results possible. We start by gathering all the information we can bring about our client’s brand and keeping in mind that we have a limited time frame. After acquiring a credible audience, we move on to the second stage, which is to set up follow-up campaigns. These campaigns help to increase engagement with potential customers and create a more extensive crowd on their platform. With our dedicated efforts, our clients begin to see growth, and after witnessing the results, they admire our services and appreciate our work.

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