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Our client, BigBrothersBigSisters Company, tasked Diginsy with their website creation. It was important to keep in mind the BigBrothersBigSisters organization’s getting donations viewpoint when creating their website. This entails using images and content that support their mission to aid children, and the website must have the right atmosphere. In order for visitors to easily find the information they require; the website should also be simple to navigate and contain clear calls to action. The main challenge was differentiating the website from every other website and showing its true self to users.

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The Challenge

The development of the website came after we finished the UI design for BigBrothersBigSisters. Our goal was to build a website that would clearly represent the services that BigBrothersBigSisters offers and provide users with all the relevant information about our client’s viewpoint. After arduous efforts and a creative approach from our website development team, we believe we succeeded in building a unique and eye-catching website for our clients that achieves their desired outcomes.

Our Solution

We approached the project for BigBrothersBigSisters with the utmost dedication. First and foremost, we make sure that we comprehend the brand identity and aesthetic goals of BigBrothersBigSisters. In order to make sure that we are all working toward the same goals, we maintain timely communication with their authorities. We decided that our teams of website development experts would be the best candidates for the job, and they produced an excellent masterpiece as anticipated. Once our client’s company management had approved the initial mock-up, it was given to the team of experts in our website development department. After that, they started putting everything together, ensuring it worked well and was in synchronization with the initial idea of our client to make it an excellent website with the complete satisfaction of BigBrothersBigSisters.

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