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The Task

Shoedazzle wanted a really good branding strategy that would make them different from all of the other companies out there. So they contact us to create promotional and branding materials that would help them get noticed by their potential customers. The primary goals for Shoedazzle are to leave a lasting impression on the people who matter most – its target audience. Brand recall is key in this industry, and Shoedazzle’s aim is to be at the forefront of people’s minds.

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The Challenge

We started by looking at Shoedazzle’s vision, mission, goals, values, and industry. We analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and came up with a plan to help them move forward. After our branding experts did some extensive research, they came up with a general idea of what the branding elements should look like. Then, the design experts got involved and helped to solidify the branding experts’ ideas.

Our Solution

For Shoedazzle we came up with a branding strategy that catered to their needs. We didn’t just stop at the surface level, but delved deep into their brand identity and what their goals were. With all of this information, we were able to put together a personalized branding strategy that would work perfectly for Shoedazzle. The primary objective of the project was to thoughtfully include the facets of the business into the branding. We designed promotional materials like banners, social media posts, business cards, and pamphlets for Shoedazzle that reflected the company’s style.

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