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To build a website that is completely customized and takes into account the branding of makeup erasers. The challenge was to design a website and user interface that increased Makeup Eraser’s conversion rate by providing visitors with a detailed view of the company’s product offerings. The key task was to make the website more customer-friendly for online ordering. This included making the website more user-friendly and streamlining the ordering process. They were looking for the best services provider who can expertly deliver the work on a given time.


Website Development That Offers A High-End Experience That Is Completely Representative Of The Brand.

The Challenge

We designed a uniquely appealing UI/UX design that provided all the essential information about the brand and the variety of experiences offered by Makeup Eraser. This allowed us to stand out from the competition and attract new users.

Once the UI design was completed, the next step was to begin developing the website. The development process can be challenging, but with a clear and concise design to guide them, it will be much easier for the developers to bring the site to life. They made sure that the website followed best practices for functionality, was mobile responsive and had a quick load time.

After completing the website it’s time to work on the Branding of the Makeup Eraser. By using our digital marketing services tailored for businesses, we were able to increase Makeup Eraser's online reach and presence. We delivered what they needed to grow their business by taking a professional approach and using our expertise.


Our Solution

When we set out to work on the Makeup Eraser project, we made sure to first and foremost understand the company's identity and what kind of aesthetic they were going for. This allowed us to ensure that the final result would be in line with their vision. After we discovered the discrepancy, we had a meeting with their department to make sure that everyone was on the same page.

After we gathered all the requirements, we decided that the Branding team would be the best group to come up with the best strategy.

Makeup Eraser was thrilled with how the final product of the website turned out.