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To implement solid digital marketing strategies in order to boost online recognition. To leave no area uncovered and promote products and services on every relevant platform possible. Dog Watch required a fully-fledged branding service that would help them compete in this ever-evolving digital world. The real challenge was to start the branding from scratch. That's why they don't want to take the risk to hire an agency that is not aware of the current digital marketing trends. Their goals were to reach out to their targeted audience with the help of digital marketing.


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The Challenge

We used our professional approach and expertise to deliver optimal yet business-oriented digital marketing services that helped Dog Watch increase their online presence and reach a wider audience. Through our robust SEO services, we managed to rank them higher in SERPs for relevant and preferred keywords. We strategized and implemented multiple social media marketing plans for them, which assisted them connect with their potential customers on a more professional and secure way. As a result of our efforts, the company experienced an immense growth in web traffic and online leads.

Our comprehensive solutions and customized services exceeded our client’s expectations while providing utmost attention and satisfaction.


Our Solution

We began working with Dog Watch they had minimal internet presence and were struggling to get their business off the ground. However, via our efforts, we were able to assist them in developing a greater web presence and generating leads and revenues. They are now a successful business owner, and we are delighted to have contributed to their success. We used our skilled technique to assist them reach potential consumers all across the world.

We chose a basic style video with attractive visuals and animations to attract viewers for the video animation. To have a better idea of what the video would look like, we started with a storyboard and ideation.