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To completely rebrand and redesign the website to make it look more appealing and user friendly. To develop an intuitive website which focused on showcasing the delicious range of cuisines offered by California Pizza Kitchen. The real task was to make the website friendly for online payments and securing the information of the customers. The website should be able to easily process multiple orders without lagging. The overall website should be optimized for every device so that the user has a delightful experience browsing through the different sections of the website.


Stunning Website That Showcased Cuisines To The Fullest

The Challenge

We designed a highly intuitive and ingenious UI/UX design that was focused on highlighting the variety of cuisines offered by California Pizza Kitchen. After the UI design was approved by California Pizza Kitchen, we moved on towards the development phase of the website.

Our proficient website developers went on with the development of the website. After a few days, the UI design was developed into a highly functional, responsive, and secure website. Our developers used industry best practices to make sure that the website performed to its fullest with minimum lags.

After the website was ready, we sent it over to our proficient web copywriters to give life to the website through their words. The writers carefully understood the needs of the client and wrote content that fully reflected California Pizza Kitchen as a brand.

The website exceeded the expectations of our prestigious client and they were certainly happy with how everything turned out.


Our Solution

Our Methodology behind handling this project for California Pizza Kitchen was to make sure that we are fully aware of California Pizza Kitchen as a brand and what they final product to look like. For this we had detailed discussion with their officials to ensure that we all are on the same page. After we fully understood what was required, we handed over the project to our UI/UX designers that came with the design for the website. After the design was approved, we then sent it to the ecommerce development team for the development of the website.

Upon handing over the website to the officials at Calfornia Pizza Kitchen, they were extremely pleased and satisfied.