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To build an ecommerce website completely from scratch for the firm keeping into consideration the branding of BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse. To create a website and UI design that focused on providing a detailed view of the experiences offered by BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse. The design should complement the menu items offered by the restaurant. The key task was to make the website friendly for online ordering for the customers. BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse wanted their website to be highly intuitive and appealing so that they can provide their visitors with the absolute finest browsing experience.


Design That Completely Represented BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse As A Brand Offer Luxury Experiences

The Challenge

We came up with a unique and appealing UI/UX design that provided all the essential information about the brand and the variety of experiences offered by BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse. The next step after the UI design was completed, was the development of the website.

We sent the approved UI design of the website to our team of skilled website developers that proceeded with the development phase of the website. The development team then developed the website according to the design. They made sure that the website was functional, mobile responsive, and had a quick load time.

The test link of the website was then we sent over to the copywriting department that proceeded with writing the content for the website. Our writers carefully understood the branding of BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse and wrote content that fully reflected them as a brand.


Our Solution

The way we approached this project for BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse was to make sure we understood the company's identity and the desired aesthetic for the finished result. We had a thorough chat with their authorities about this to ensure that we were all on the same page. We passed over the project to our UI/UX designers who came up with the website design. The website's ecommerce development team received the design once it had been approved, and they started working on it.

After the design was completed we sent it over to the client and after their approval we started working on developing the website ensuring all functionalities are properly implemented. The project was then forwarded to the front end developers who used their skills and expertise to bring the design into a full-fledged website.